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Ultramartyr will return! at some point...

2015-03-06 11:57:44 by Ultramartyr

this be La Forge. okay so i've got all the gear to start recording again, and i've got the fire burnin in me... one problem. my shoulder is broken in about a hundred different and fun ways. i've seen 3 surgeons and each one was just as useless as the last. so now i'm going down to the university of michigan so get a bone graft. there's gonna be a dead person's bone in my shoulder. cool eh? anyway

once i get this shoulder business sorted out, it's back to recording, and i'm gonna need a new roster for this little band project. i'll make a post in the audio forum when the time is right. until then, happy orphan hunting everyone! don't forget to bring out your dead!

oh and i said i'd never return blah blah blah, but this is the only site i know of where i can quickly accrue an interested party of individuals. so yeah bite me.


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2015-03-07 13:41:10

Sweet tracks, mate. Personally, idk why you left and I don't really care, cuz you're back!

Ultramartyr responds:

thanks. left because the audio portal was broken as fuck and nobody in charge seemed to care. it's nice to see everything's fixed now


2015-03-10 09:37:40

Holy fuck man. No wonder I couldn't find this "LaForge" in my fav list. Just poof like that you you disappeared. Welcome back. Midimachine and Sequenced are real ugly. I sometime think these 2 just trolling for the sake of fun.

Again, welcome back!

Ultramartyr responds:

yeah well midi got demodded and kind of apologized in the lounge. not sure about Sequenced. and thanks man, i just can't wait to start making music again.