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Ultramartyr is like, back, or something

2015-07-20 06:34:10 by Ultramartyr

this is Tony.

just submitted our first demo, it's only drums and guitar at this point, but bass, vocals and a noice solo are on the way.


Ultramartyr's current lineup:

Anthony La Forge ( - Rhythm Guitar

Jay Summers ( - Lead Guitar

James G ( - Bass and Drums

Sam L ( - Vocals


Sam has agreed to do some vocals, but perhaps not indefinitely, so we still need a permanent vocalist. also, i'd like to have a dedicated drummer to take some load off James' shoulders.

if you or someone you know may be interested, please drop me a line here, on Skype or on Facebook. if you PM me here, PM Ultramartyr, NOT xLFx as i never log into that account.

Skype - adremalech_silver

Facebook - Tony La Forge from Bay City, Michigan


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