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Just submitted two new versions of old songs (See Through Darkness and my Sonic 2 Final Boss Theme Cover), and an all new Ultramartyr original track is about 90% complete. look for it soon!


Album Title: The Lunar Festival

Tracks: 6

Everything that's on the album is available on Newgrounds. Free download, no option to pay because I haven't set up a paypal account yet and I feel the first album should be free anyway.

EP in the works

2016-01-31 01:19:12 by Ultramartyr

now that James and i have a decent amount of songs (some not published here), our plan is to release a free EP. both of our setups have changed since we started recording for UM, as well as the mastering techniques we use, so we'll be remastering each song for consistency. 

are you okay with that? huh?

Couple more tracks up

2015-12-14 13:46:47 by Ultramartyr

(this is Tony)

i submitted my personal cover of Nymphetamine Overdose on this account a while back, and now Ambrosia Intoxication is up, which is a reworking of an ollllddd track called Ambrosia.

James and I would really appreciate anyone willing to join up as a lead guitarist or vocalist. 

Sail Hatan

First song is up

2015-07-22 12:15:17 by Ultramartyr

yup, like the title says, our first song has been released. it isn't fully mastered, lacks a solo and vocals, but as it sits now, it's a legit release. i'm currently recording the guitar part for our next track. hopefully it will be up within the next few weeks.


again, we need a permanent vocalist and drummer.

Ultramartyr is like, back, or something

2015-07-20 06:34:10 by Ultramartyr

this is Tony.

just submitted our first demo, it's only drums and guitar at this point, but bass, vocals and a noice solo are on the way.


Ultramartyr's current lineup:

Anthony La Forge ( - Rhythm Guitar

Jay Summers ( - Lead Guitar

James G ( - Bass and Drums

Sam L ( - Vocals


Sam has agreed to do some vocals, but perhaps not indefinitely, so we still need a permanent vocalist. also, i'd like to have a dedicated drummer to take some load off James' shoulders.

if you or someone you know may be interested, please drop me a line here, on Skype or on Facebook. if you PM me here, PM Ultramartyr, NOT xLFx as i never log into that account.

Skype - adremalech_silver

Facebook - Tony La Forge from Bay City, Michigan

this be La Forge. okay so i've got all the gear to start recording again, and i've got the fire burnin in me... one problem. my shoulder is broken in about a hundred different and fun ways. i've seen 3 surgeons and each one was just as useless as the last. so now i'm going down to the university of michigan so get a bone graft. there's gonna be a dead person's bone in my shoulder. cool eh? anyway

once i get this shoulder business sorted out, it's back to recording, and i'm gonna need a new roster for this little band project. i'll make a post in the audio forum when the time is right. until then, happy orphan hunting everyone! don't forget to bring out your dead!

oh and i said i'd never return blah blah blah, but this is the only site i know of where i can quickly accrue an interested party of individuals. so yeah bite me.